Mona's eco-friendly Swimwear, Surf Wear, Yoga Outfits and Fitness Apparel for women is made with high-performance, recycled materials that are lightweight, soft, fast drying and breathable. All products are 100% recyclable for a sustainable future.

Mona Seatex Fabric

Mona swim apparel is made with Seatex™ Fabric, a high-performance recycled textile. While it’s extremely strong and chlorine resistant, it’s also lightweight, soft, fast drying and breathable. These characteristics provide a perfect balance comfort and durability.

Where does it come from?

The nylon used in Mona Seatex™ Fabric is 100% regenerated, and is derived from post consumer waste reclaimed from the ocean and other environmental sources. This includes fishing nets recovered from the ocean, and other discarded plastics. Mona Seatex™ Fabric is highly resistant to oil and sunscreen absorption, which helps keep these harmful pollutants out of our delicate ocean ecosystems.

Which of MONA's products are made with Seatex Fabric?

Seatex fabric is used in Mona bikini bottoms, bikini tops, rash guards, swim shorts, swim bottoms, long sleeve suit swimsuits, one piece swimsuits and swim leggings.



The ECONYL® regenerative process is used to create fresh yarns for Mona Seatex Fabric. Through a state of the art system, the recovered materials are cleaned, broken down and restored to their original purity. That means you can buy new products without using new resources. Best of all, once they are no longer needed they are 100% recyclable again.

Why is ECONYL® essential to MONA?

Each year, Mona repurposes thousands of pounds of fishing nets, saves thousands of barrels of crude oil and preventes many tons of CO2 emissions from entering our environment by using Econyl in our swim apparel. This approach to reducing waste, water usage, and pollution is a vital first step in driving the apparel industry towards a more sustainable future.

Which of MONA's products are made with Evolve Fabric?

Evolve fabric is used in Mona workout leggings, workout pants, workout shorts, yoga pants, yoga leggings, workout tops, yoga shorts, yoga tops, sports bras and reversible sports bras.

Mona Evolve Fabric

Mona uses Evolve™ Fabric for it yoga and fitness apparel. Evolve™ Fabric is 100% made from recycled PET plastic bottles. The PET plastic bottles are collected, separated and processed in a recycling facility that transforms them into clean flakes, to create durable fibers without needing to use additional petroleum. This process prevents millions of plastic bottles from reaching our landfills and oceans each year.

Benefits of using fiber made with recycled PET plastic bottles:

• Reduce the use of fossil fuel
• Save energy consumption
• Conserves water
• Decreases CO2 emissions

What makes Evolve™ ideal for activities like yoga and workouts? Its unparalleled performance. Evolve™ is a 4-way stretch, breathable, fast drying fabric that is perfect for active women who care about the environment.