Martina Alvarez

“Exploring the Ocean and Raising Awareness”

 Martina was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Straight out of college she was working in the fashion industry but knew that this wasn’t where she needed to be. She took a leap of faith, bought a ticket, and started traveling. While on a trip to Thailand, she fell in love with the ocean and scuba diving. That first time she went scuba diving, as soon as she jumped into the water and saw the vast life that lies underneath the surface she thought "I can´t believe there is this whole world below the surface and all this life is right next to us and nobody told me about it". After that, she realized her purpose was to use her journalism skills and creativity to tell people about it and inspire them to protect it. She has dedicated the last four years to becoming a dive-master and and creating awareness about the ocean and the fragile state that it is in. She takes underwater photos and works as a journalist for many sustainable newspapers/magazines around the world. She is currently living in the Caribbean of Panama but her biggest dream is to explore the entire Latin Ocean, write about it, continue shooting it’s beauty, and inspiring people to take actions to protect it.

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