London Surf Film Festival

London Surf Film Festival


By María Álvarez Pérez, Sustainability Editor, Mona


Surf is much more than surfing waves, it is a philosophy of life and, for many people, it is also an attitude. This is demonstrated by the seventh edition of the London Surf Film Festival (10 - 19 October 2018), an essential event for all true surf lovers and one of the most creative festivals in Europe.


The aim is to conceive surfing as something more than a sport, as a bridge or link between cultures, people, looks, techniques and landscapes. According to the organization itself: "The London Surf Film Festival is the largest representation of surf culture in the United Kingdom, working for it with some of the most exciting creators of the globe and hosting renowned premieres alongside the most representative figures of surfing. The result is a hand picked line up of must-see premieres to inspire, excite & entertain while redefining the parameters of possibility"


In addition, the festival is presented as the best and sometimes the only way for small artists, to be exposed allowing them to publicize their work on a big screen in front of a public.


These are our favorites from the last edition:


Nervous Laughter / Directed by Dan Norkunas


The story of five childhood friends who ended up becoming great icons of world surfing: Albee Layer, Dege O'Connell, Billy Kemper, Kai Lenny and Torrey Meisner, taming the wild swells of Jaws and Mavericks. The most human and simple gaze behind these five talents. "We are just people. We do not sweeten ourselves. We are who we are. Nervous laughter shows how we really talk and how we prepare ourselves before surfing those waves. "


Click Here to Watch Nervous Laughter


Nervous Laughter



The Sea Wolf / Directed by Ben Gulliver

Taking the name from the 1904 novel, "Jack of the Sea" by Jack London, the award-winning Ben Gulliver takes us to the coldest waters on the planet with a wonderful cast of eight great surfing talents, including surfers as Chippa Wilson or Balaram Stack.


Click Here to Watch The Sea Wolf




Church of the Open Sky / Directed by Nathan Oldfield


One of the best works of art of the London Surf Film Festival. The creator of Lines From A Poem surprises us again with a feature film that is nothing but a visual love poem that represents the experience of surfing. A song to the true spirit of wave lovers.


Click Here to Watch Church of the Open Sky


Church of the Open Sky


Emersion / Directed by Gabriella Zagni


Three young people from different places united by the same solidary project, "The Wave Project", which helps kids reduce their anxiety and improve their self-esteem through surfing.


Click Here to Watch Emersion



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By María Álvarez Pérez, Sustainability Editor, Mona


María Álvarez Pérez