Greenpacha - Hats for a better world

“We founded Greenpacha to positively contribute in the beginning of a more sustainable and authentic fashion era.”

Greenpacha - Hats for a better world



In a surf trip to Ecuador, with my sister Juli we got invited to explore the “Panama hat path”, one of the finest weaving traditions of the Americas. Our minds were blown away by the gentle and skill of the weavers and the natural process they undertake to prepare the palm leaves into the respectable toquilla straw. But what stole our hearts was the magically warming welcome the weavers of Sig Sig had with us.



Sig Sig


Work is fun.




For 8 years now, we have come back to visit these wise and joyful ladies, who live in total harmony with nature. And since then, they have woven their magic into our Greenpacha hats. Each hat is handwoven while the weavers walk the Ecuadorian mountains, take care of their children and animals or do the errands in the small town of Sig Sig.




Each hat is a prayer, a symbol of hope towards a better world. A world that is lived and loved in a natural way, respecting the cycles of nature and the abundance of Mother Earth.


My sister and I love to come visit them and create hat collections. We are inspired in sisterhood, womanhood, traveling and blooming nature. We are surfers and we love the beach, so that’s why creating the perfect (magical) sun hat makes so much sense to us.








"Green" is a work perceived with many connotations: eco conscious, nature, plants, trees, relax, etc. "Pacha" means Mother Earth in Quechua. It also means “times” in the Aymara language, both rooted in the Inca culture. We took the Aymara meaning and we like to say that Greenpacha are the green times of a more enjoyable world for all.


We are a small company with a big heart and a strong faith that together we can build a better world in an innovative way. Coming back to simple things, sharing and creating beautiful crafts made by hand with "mucho amor" is our way to do it.


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