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About Veronika

I cannot get enough of that magical feeling of being in the ocean.

Who is Veronika?:

Vero is a writer/blogger, certified nutritionist and yoga instructor with a deep love for the ocean and our planet. Originally from the landlocked country of Slovakia . When she turned 19 she set out to see the world, making England home for 6 years but now lives on the coast of Spain when she isn’t busy traveling to chase waves across the globe.

The ocean has been an endless inspiration and the greatest teacher for her. You can always find her out in the ocean surfing, snorkelling, bodysurfing, stand-up paddling, but also practicing my yoga dance flow on the beach. She says, “I need the ocean and cannot get enough of the magical feeling of being immersed in the pure beauty of it.”

Through her work she aims to offer the simple steps towards healthier and happier way of living through nutrition, mindful awareness, the practice of movement, self-love and oneness. In the future she hopes to create home in some tropical paradise along the seafront, running a small local yoga studio with a little food-deli focusing and all things delicious, nutritious and colourful. While working mainly as a yoga instructor traveling around the world or running surf & yoga retreats, she wants to inspire woman to take back their divine feminine power, to be as badass, wild and free as we were born to be.