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About Tessa

Scenic Route to Salina.

Who is Tessa Timmons?:

Tessa was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico but grew up in San Diego, CA where she fell in love with surfing. When she is not traveling, or riding her longboard she can be found dreaming of opening her own restaurant someday. She says that she loves researching nutrition with whole foods and would love to be able to share her knowledge with the people coming in to eat at her restaurant.

Tessa can usually be found at Pleasure Point, Santa Cruz with her toes on the noes but a few months ago Tessa and a few friends sent out on a trip of a lifetime. Driving their truck along the coast from Santa Cruz, CA all the way to Salina Cruz, Mexico. They will be driving through Baja and crossing over to mainland stopping at the most noteworthy surf breaks, and hopefully scoring them!

She has always been inspired by people moving and changing this world for the better. They really want to prove a point and chose to not use any single use plastics on their trip. That means no plastic water bottles, plastic straws, plastic bags, and disposable cutlery along the way. Such a great challenge, especially in Mexico! Wow. They will be filming along the way and making a movie that will premiere when they back back home to Santa Cruz this fall. You can follow them along the journey on Instagram @scenic_route_to_salina