Ambassadors / Fiona Peters

About Fiona

Traveling has opened my eyes.

Who is Fiona Peters?:

Fiona was born in a small coastal town south of Sydney, Australia. It was here where she first learned how to surf and fell in love with the ocean. When she turned 30, she took a leap of faith and moved to Bali to start her career as a freelance photographer. Her plan of staying and building her business in Bali for one year quickly turned into two and half years.

Most of her work is based around health, wellness, and surfing lifestyle. Luckily her job leads her from one tropical destination to another, allowing her to explore new waves and learn new cultures. She said “Traveling has opened my eyes, meeting people from all walks of life, you learn patience, acceptance, and gratitude.” Now she travels back and forth between Australia and Indonesia every 6-8 weeks for work opportunities.