Ambassadors / Amanda Djerf

About Amanda

The ocean has become home for me.

Who is Amanda Djerf?:

Amanda was born in Sweden but when she was 12 her family moved to California. It was here where she fell in love with surfing. Once she finished school, she set off on her first adventure to Australia and caught a serious travel bug. Ever since she has been bouncing between Sweden and different surf destinations. She once said smiling, “the ocean has become home for me and I find myself restless if I’m in one place for too long, and I love it.”

Surfing has become her biggest passion and has brought her to so many amazing places. When we first met Amanda, she was working for a surf camp in Santa Teresa. We were captivated by this cute little blondie walking barefoot through the jungle with a board under her arm surrounded by people from all over the world. She spends most of her winters in the tropics and the summers studying law in Sweden. When she is not surfing you can find her skating or biking around the streets of Stockholm with style and ease.